Friday, 14 August 2009

Chandni Chowk To Concepcion

This post was originally published in this blog on 14th August 2009.
A travel by bus from Santiago de Chile to Concepcion ( a distance of 500 km) takes about 6 hours, with a maximum speed limit of 100Km/hr. During the day travel, as has become common around the world, they play movies. Usually, I find them playing Hollywood movies either dubbed in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles. But last Monday they surprised me.
The conductor switches on the DVD and I clear my vision twice to check if I'm seeing right. The movie name reads Chandni Chowk to China. I was quite surprised and you will understand my surprise if you have been to this part of the world. First of all, like in US and European countries, you don't get to see many Indians here. For instance, in Concepcion city there are close to 5 Indians. Secondly, their knowledge on India isn't much either. Sometimes older people (50+) ask about Indira Gandhi, when I say I'm from India. I still haven't figured out why Indira Gandhi of all the leaders!

Myself (the only Indian in the bus) wasn't aware of this Hindi movie. I vaguely recall some movie of Akshay Kumar "<someplace> to Bangkok" was under production or released. But had no idea on this movie. The movie had Deepika Padukone in the lead so should have been made after OSO. The credits had Warner Brothers, followed by Ramesh Sippy Entertainment and one more Indian production (which I can't recollect now). Moreover the movie was not dubbed in Spanish but played in Hindi with Spanish subtitles. Funny part is that the Spanish subtitle for the title of the movie was given as Chandni Chowk in China. I wonder if China added Chandni Chowk next to Arunachal Pradesh (South Tibet) in their claim! :-)

In any case, I, for few hours, forgot that I was in a foreign land and enjoyed Chandni Chowk to China from Santiago to Concepcion. Of course, as expected, no one else was watching the movie.