Tuesday, 6 November 2012

To blog or not to blog?

Out of curiosity, I started this blog page in 2009 and also wrote two posts. Then, a few months later (six months, may be), I removed the posts and deleted the blog. No, not because I got hate comments! The reason was that I disliked the concept of talking to unknown faces.

 In Tamil there is an ancient expression ``idam, porul, eval arinthu sollu''. This means one has to speak minding
  1.  the place,
  2.  the content of speech and
  3.  the interest shown by your listener (by order or direction). 
None of the three parameters can be taken care of while blogging. The place where you speak is important because same speech could be right in one place and wrong in the other. As a popular Tamil orator, Arivoli, says: the hymns recited on the death-bed to help the dying person reach Vaikuntam cannot be a bad hymn. But reciting this hymn during marriage is considered inauspicious. So a good hymn is considered bad if it's recited in the wrong place. Of course, who cares about these nowadays. A mobile phone starts ringing with a happy tune when an entire house is in sorrow due to a loss!

As regards to content, any information has to be revealed/shared keeping in mind the maturity of the listener. Same information may have to be revealed in different ways to a matured adult and an immature child. Everything that we speak is, usually, interpreted the way listeners want to rather than what the speaker intends to convey.

Can one take care of these issues while writing a blog? Both a five year old child and fifty year old man may be reading my post and interpreting them differently. These compulsions made me withdraw from blog world. Do I sound paranoid? Let it be so.

Now, why did I come back? Because I think I have matured from what I was three or four years back. I now have an answer to my dilemma. I decided to stick to topics whose wrong interpretation may not cause a severe damage. Also, I have matured to understand that no one can learn anything without unlearning something.

To avoid putting pressure on myself, I shall just not care, like any other blogger on this planet, and go ahead and write about anything I wish or care about and leave the rest to my conscience, which I know will never cross certain threshold.